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A new team of professionals is integrated into the concept of rest and relaxation offered by Arapey Thermal Resort & Spa.

Renewed therapeutic techniques defined in our Menu of Services, allow combining aesthetics and relaxation with healthy thermal waters that come alive in an environment of nature and harmony.

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Classical therapies:

· Relaxing
· Decontracting
· Reducer
· Anti cellulite
· Balsamic sedative
· Essential toning

Focused therapies and anti pain:

· Professional Therapeutic Massage (*)
(General muscle assessment, soft tissue massage, joint release, elongation, muscle toning, resolution of deep contractures)

· Integral osteopathic session (*)
(System of deep manipulative techniques, of soft tissues and articulations, oriented to eliminate the pain, realignment of the posture, restoration of functions, dissolution of deep contractures, myofascial restrictions and joint blockages.

(*) Both treatments include deep thermogenesis (internal heat generation) with radiofrequency equipment, circulation stimulator and muscle recovery.

Dermatological therapies - aesthetic:

· Comprehensive skin treatment
(Complete therapy of 14 steps, includes dermopolished with diamond tips)

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