Thermal Complex and Spa Arapey Thermal All Inclusive

Arapey Thermal Resort & Spa is an exclusive hotel-thermal complex of 14,000 square meters, five-star category, with ALL INCLUSIVE service throughout the year.

In an environment that privileges the splendor of nature and embraces the river that gives it its name. Arapey Thermal Resort & Spa offers visitors a chance to rest all year round, with the benefits of thermal water whose source is the Guaraní Aquifer.

It has 202 spacious and cozy modernly equipped rooms, thermal pools, exclusive international cuisine, grill, snack, cafeteria, sauna, spa, modern gym, tennis courts, play room, outdoor activities, Wii room, conference rooms , bussiness center, a permanent recreation proposal for children and adults, and a long list of services oriented to excellence.

The hotel complex is presented as a holiday option to enjoy as a family, where children have programs appropriate to their age, during the day and night; and where adults can enjoy hiking, sports, horseback riding, aesthetic and health treatments, walks, shopping, musical shows, dance classes or the pleasure of enjoying a recommended natural environment.

Likewise, Arapey Thermal Resort & Spa offers its facilities for holding congresses, seminars, conferences, business events and social celebrations. For this, it has a wide infrastructure and special gastronomic services according to the occasion.

Thermal Proposal

The Termas del Arapey are the oldest in the country. They were discovered by the Geological Institute of Uruguay, on the occasion of a drilling in search of oil.

The greatest wealth of the Guaraní aquifer lies in the warmth of its waters, considered of high value for physical and mental health, as well as an extremely pleasant sensation and an ancestral ally of beauty. The temperature of the waters of Arapey Thermal Resort & Spa, both in swimming pools and in rooms, descends during the summer months to enjoy its benefits in any season.